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Parasite Program

Parasite Program

Do you suspect that you may have parasites? If you are alive on the planet today, you probably do. Research shows that up to 80% of Americans may have some form of parasitic infection and not realize it. Some researchers estimate up to 95% of people have parasites. Therefore, we recommend a “Para Purge” for everyone at least once every few years.

Common symptoms are: weight gain, digestive disturbances, fatigue, intestinal symptoms (diarrhea or constipation or alternation of both), headaches, bloating, unusual nerve symptoms (feeling itchy, tingling in certain areas, etc.), waking up at 3AM for no particular reason, abdominal pain, uncontrolled appetite, gas, nausea, vomiting, weight loss and weakness, anemia, hypoglycemia, back pain, acne and other skin problems, fever, colds and flu, blurred vision, pneumonia, cough, edema of face and eyes, poor assimilation, ulcers and brain fog. Almost any symptom can be caused by parasites (especially those that do not improve no matter what you do).

See our other handout from Dr. Marshall, “Parasites – A Brief Overview and Clinically Proven Solution” for more information.

Parasites are often linked to: a diet high in refined food and highly cooked food, low pH (deficient minerals), intestinal/digestive dysfunction, often heavy metal toxicity (such as mercury or cadmium), overall nutritional deficiency and liver toxicity and often interference fields reflexing to digestive organs, especially dental fields (related to undiagnosed infected teeth, toxic root canals, etc.) Liver/gallbladder cleansing is often needed (see our Coffee Enema procedure and Mini and Master Liver Flushes).

If there are no regular bowel eliminations (at least once per day), the intestines retain toxic waste for too long and become a breeding ground for parasites. Parasites may negatively affect any organ, gland or other area of the body. If a person has tried dietary changes and many nutritional supplements without improvement, then consider that the problem may be due to parasites.

Most other programs don’t work because the herbs used are not effective, the program isn’t long enough, the kidneys get overloaded, pH and nutrition aren’t supported and the parasite eggs and larva aren’t addressed with castor packs. That’s why most people have parasites for life. This is the best approach we’ve ever found.

Follow the instructions below for 4 months:

(Do not use this program if pregnant or nursing).

Alkalize Your Body: Alkaline minerals are essential for proper pH balancing and elimination of any toxic substance. Take pH tests as directed in the handout, The pH Story. If you do not pass the pH tests, then follow these directions on how to replenish your mineral reserve: Eat an 80 - 100% alkaline forming diet including lots of green vegetables, drink lots of green juices like kale, celery & cucumber and use the pH Trio (Coral Legend, AloePro, D3 Serum). If you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome or difficult digestion, you may want to steam or cook your vegetables, avoid or limit the green juice and see our Intestinal Cleanse Protocol. Always avoid meat, standard animal products, soda, sugar and white flour. When dealing with parasites, your protein needs are higher so use healthy sources like beans, legumes (lentils), miso and grains.

For sensitive body types: Use GastroVen for 4 days before starting the rest of the program. This may be necessary if you are highly sensitive or a Vata body type, otherwise not needed. Empty 3 Vcaps into hot water, steep for 10-15 minutes, drink 3 times per day before meals.

Pets: Keep pets off your bed & furniture and wash your hands after handling them. They can be a source of parasites.

Take The Following Supplements 3 Times Per Day At Mealtime:

(take a higher amount if you weigh significantly over 150 lbs. or have many difficult symptoms)

ParaStat – The herbs in this formula provide unequalled immune-specific support for the intestines, including detoxification of intestinal parasites (most all varieties except flukes), intestinal cleansing & rejuvenation, supports normal bowel movements, helps body overcome diarrhea, helps restoration of the villi and beneficial nutrition for the intestines. Best-selling product in India & Asia for intestinal and para cleansing. 9-18 Vcaps per day.

Paratosin – Immune-specific support, especially for liver flukes (which usually affect the liver, gallbladder, spleen or pancreas). For 30 days only. 12-18 Vcaps per day. Must also use a shampoo with oxygen on sheets and undergarments every 3 days, so you don’t get re-exposed.

Gallbladder Complex – Crucial if using Paratosin, to dilate the bile veins and ducts to assure the passage of flukes and their voluminous microscopic eggs out of the affected areas. Comprehensive liver and gallbladder support. Supports improved bile flow. 12-18 Vcaps per day for 30 days only.

RenaVen – Superb kidney support, crucial when detoxing. 2-4 Vcaps per day (at breakfast & lunch) or more if lower back pain at kidney area, ankle swelling or other cleansing reactions (like cold or flu symptoms).

HCL Detox – Premier HCL & HCL Activator – tremendous immune and stomach support, can break bio-film sacs where organisms hide and become impervious to immune system. 9-12 Premier HCL per day after meals along with 4-6 HCL Activator (double both if eating at a restaurant).

Castor Immune Packs – See below.

Use Super Nutrient Trio as foundational support providing at least a consistent supplementation of every nutrient necessary for optimal health, including broad-spectrum, “beyond organic” vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, immune boosters and other phytonutrients. All raw materials are selected from premier quality, “once living” sources which contain a “body of light.” Goes far beyond traditional supplements containing inorganic minerals and isolated vitamins:

Premier Greens – Supports broad spectrum strengthening and DNA repair. Supplements every nutrient necessary for life. 2 tsp per day or more.

Premier EFAs (liquid or caps) – Helps restore & maintain essential fatty acid balance. 2 tsp. or 4 caps daily.

Coral Legend Plus (not necessary if using pH Trio) – Supports bones, joints, alkaline pH and whole body oxygenation. 2-6 caps per day, whatever is necessary to maintain alkaline pH.

Do the following Castor Immune Pack Procedure (see Instruction Sheet):

This procedure will be done 3-4 times per week, over the large intestines (lower belly).

One of the reasons other parasite programs are less effective (besides using less effective American herbs) is that parasites can make holes in the intestinal wall and lay their eggs outside the intestines in the abdominal cavity, which can hatch up to 12 months later. The Castor Pack acts like an incubator, inducing the eggs to hatch faster. Once they hatch they have to go back into the intestines to feed, where ParaStat is waiting to be their last meal. This turns what would normally require a 12-14 month program (to be effective) into a 3-4 month program.

You will need:

Castor Oil – Anti-infective properties, helps penetrate into abdominal cavity to help eggs hatch. Supports the body’s natural defense system, including essential cells of the immune system (cellular immunity and killer cell activity) for deep-seated para-cleansing & gentle biofilm elimination. 

Ancient remedy called the “hand of Christ,” externally applied for whole body immune and cleansing support. Used for a wide range of disorders from “you name it” to chronic headaches, low back injury, trauma, digestive and liver/gallbladder stimulation and cleansing, infertility, menopause symptoms, menstruation, pain, lacerations, skin disorders such as eczema or psoriasis, to boost the immune system, as an emollient and skin softener & more.

Cotton Flannel – Certified organic from India.

Optional for Castor Immune Packs:

Oregano Oil (or Neem Oil) – Provides potent immune boosting compounds.

Zeo Mineral Cream - Assure maximum exchange of toxins, rapid external chemical detox.


Premier Cleanse – To help clear out pockets of waste in the intestines, which are breeding grounds for parasites. Gentle but thorough intestinal cleansing that helps body eliminate constipation. 1 tsp. in juice or water 20 minutes before eating, twice per day.

Coconut Oil – Great for fighting parasites – strips protein coating off of bacteria, parasites, viruses so immune system can get at them easier. 2-3 tsp. per day.

Allicidin – Contains ingredients that provide spectacular immune-specific support against fungal and bacterial organisms, especially in mouth, intestines and urinary tract. High capacity for biofilm destruction and para cleansing. 6 Vcaps per day.

If experiencing constipation, use Noni, AdrenaVen and Adaptogen-R-3. 

Noni – Supports normal bowel function when nothing else seems to help (especially in severe constipation), helps rejuvenate large and small intestines, also provides thyroid and mood support. 10 – 20 Vcaps per meal until unassisted bowel movement, then decrease by 3 every 3 days (as long as still having unassisted movement).

AdrenaVen – Supports adrenal rejuvenation for fluid balance (constipation), better sleep, energy, calm mood and more. Use for 6 weeks. 12 Vcaps per day (6 at breakfast, 6 at lunch) for 3 weeks then 9 Vcaps per day (6 at breakfast, 3 at lunch) for 3 weeks, never take late in day.

Adaptogen-R-3 – Broad endocrine system rejuvenator, supports adrenals, kidneys and spleen, oxygen & nutrient uptake, optimal neurotransmitter production, energy, endurance and the body’s ability to regulate stress. 3 Vcaps per day at breakfast only.

Also, be sure to consume the 5 Elements For Proper Bowel Elimination:

  1. Water – ½ body weight in ounces every day, less if eating primarily fruits and vegetables.
  2. Salt – use our Pink Salt, which is not processed, heated or demineralized table salt (even most sea salt is processed).
  3. Probiotics – use our Kefir (very inexpensive) or miso (best brand is Yamabuki plain, not dark variety). If prior antibiotic use, then use our Probiotic Caps for 1-2 months - Certified as 6.25 times stronger than any other lactic acid bacteria, fully “live” raw nutrient concentrate, not freeze-dried. 2-4 Vcaps per day, 20 minutes prior to breakfast.
  4. Bulking agents – eat fiber foods in your diet and/or use our Premier Cleanse above.
  5. Essential Fats – use our EFAs (part of Super Nutrient Trio above) and avoid all cooked (except Coconut Oil), partially hydrogenated or fractionated oils.

If you weren’t breast fed or are experiencing long-term symptoms, there could be damage or weakness in the intestinal lining. Then add Propolis, Colostrum and Nucleo Immune.

Colostrum Powder – Probiotic/digestive support, functions as a stand-in or back-up immune system, supports normal bowel movements, helps normalize appetite. 1 tsp or tbsp blended in water or juice at breakfast.

Propolis Complex – Exquisitely good for skin, either inside the intestines or outside, such as acne or any skin condition. 2-6 Vcaps per day.

Nucleo Immune – Promotes rapid cellular rejuvenation and immune response, especially during cold and flu (studies show ingredients can dead stop a cold), helps liver and intestines. 6 per day for 6 months to 1 year.

If you experience any detox reactions like extra fatigue, cold or flu-like symptoms, it can also be very helpful to do a Foot Bath (also called Medi-Bath or Medi-Blast):

Medi-Body Bath – deeply purifying foot bath that directly pulls toxins from pathways in the body. It is especially useful to help avoid other areas of the body from “jamming” from toxins released during any detox program. Comes with enough for 2 soaks per bottle. Do one whenever you feel the need.

Additional Information:

Cleanse Reactions: If you are not alkaline or your kidneys are weak, the Parasite Program can activate “cold/flu – like” symptoms or any other kind of previously experienced symptoms. This should not alarm you, for it is a sign that the Detox program is working. Like any other “cleansing reaction,” the old symptoms usually will re-manifest for a short time as the parasites and their wastes are being released from the body. However, to minimize this, increase the Kidney Complex and the Coral Complex (or Coral Legend and Aloe Drink) and focus on getting alkaline.

After the Program – Stay on our Recommended Daily Program. Also, consider doing the Coffee Enemas and the Mini and Master Liver/Gallbladder Flushes (see Instruction Sheets).

Recommended Products:

Basic Program Supplements: 1st month: $725.95
2nd, 3rd & 4th month each: $402.55

# of bottles of each 
(based on minimum amounts suggested daily):
5 ParaStat
6 Paratosin
6 Gallbladder Complex 
2 RenaVen
5 Premier HCL
2 HCL Activator
2 Castor Oil
1 Cotton Flannel

Super Nutrient Trio:
1 Premier Greens - powder
1 Premier EFAs - liquid
1 Premier Coral Legend

Slower (5 Month) Alternative - 
Start with Paratosin, Gallbladder Complex, RenaVen and Super Nutrient Trio: $448.70 1st mo.
After 4 weeks, continue with full Basic Program, but without Paratosin and Gallbladder Complex: $402.55 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th mo.

pH Trio (Coral Legend – 2 oz., 2 AloePro, D3 Serum) instead of Coral Legend Plus: add $59.80
pH Papers: add $11.25

Optional Products (for greater alkalinity and special detox issues): (for all add $845.90)

Oregano Oil, Zeo Mineral Cream: add $43.90
Premier Cleanse - Powder: add $29.95
Coconut Oil: add $12.95
3 Allicidin: add $77.85
9 Noni, 6 AdrenaVen Complex, Adaptogen-R-3: add $324.20
Pink Salt, 2 Probiotic Caps (large): add $151.85
Propolis Complex, Colostrum Powder, Nucleo Immune: add $111.85
4 Medi-Body Bath: add $79.80

We can not legally claim (see below) that this program will eliminate parasites, but this is our favorite natural and non-toxic approach. Without being able to muscle test you (kinesiologically), we need to estimate more of each product vs. less. They should be an adequate quantity for most people, but in some cases if you are well above 150 lbs., have had parasites a long time or have serious toxicity, you may actually need the higher amounts. If you are in the San Francisco Bay area, it is best to schedule an appointment for our Quantum Reflex Analysis testing. We can be more laser focused on exactly what you need, which may save you time and money.

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